Friday, September 20, 2013

REALIZING... as a young woman nearing twenty in two weeks.... completely confused and dreary about my personal relationships and professional goals in life- one thing is clear.... Personal ruin reminds to remember my loves in life... PAINTING & FIBRES!! In this personal metaphorical retreat I am embarking on within the next few weeks I plan to totally re-envelope myself in my love of fibre and rediscover my chosen path in life, which is to create art in whichever form it presents itself..... In these moments I finally will be able to adopt the label which I have needed for so so so so long- "to date ones self". Its time to love myself, and enter into a relationship with self.  

In this entry I wanted to include some images from En avril, a Montréal based Fibres/Art/Textiles group and community that showcases some beautiful work in and around the city. feast your eyes...

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