Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The day is thick and grey and I am inside searching for inspiration in books, photos, fibres and anything that sparks my creativity to paint. I have discovered the most lovely photo site titled weheartit.. The images are inspiring and hopeful, they make me dream of warm barefoot summer days and the eventual dream house and studio I want to manifest in my life. The photos are tender and wrap me in a warm embrace, I hope it will be enough to inspire something amazing on my wood panels... The afternoon is all about self love, painting and tea! Such lovely things we need to fit into our lifestyles. I have recently been culminating some starry magical ideas in my mind of using copic markers over top of the resin in my new paintings for a more contemporary flare.. I feel myself growing and changing as an artist. Sometimes I miss the detailed sensitivity my work used to possess, however this style I am developing is also beautiful in a different way and I suppose I will just ride the waves and see what happens.

All my love and creativity
Sabrina xxxx

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A fall morning with tea and a big wooly sweater, off to work soon but am very much looking forward to playing and experimenting with encaustic bees wax tonight... The possibilities are endless and it is the sweetest smell to be working with! mmm mmm will be posting some works soon and demo techniques :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time in my sacred space

Conscious . Connect . Create

Fall is swirling around me and the beautiful colours are embracing me and inspiring my many creative projects... My exhibition grows near and I feel a sense of ease knowing all things surrounding the show will work out... painting is coming naturally and the brain babies I am culminating are surprising me immensely... They are bold in colour and sheen.. what attention seekers they will be! ...I am creating my art and holding a space for exploration, experimentation and feeling apposed to the prior desire to have a successful end "product" ...I believe with this new meditative journey through my art I am on the right path...

It feels so lovely to start off the day with sunshine... paint... and OF COURSE my new home-made Soy Matcha lattes! O what a treat they are! ~