Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall is upon us in Montréal and inspiration is finally being stirred within me again. Its clear this is the case as my last blog post was in April.. Summer passed subtly with ease but little passion. Its only now as the air is starting to feel crisp and my wants and desires in life are becoming more clear to me that I am feeling inspired to be a Concordia painting major again and hopeful for the relationships that are beginning to tail behind me. 
For the first time ever I am feeling open to exploring other avenues within the realm of the arts. My courses this fall term consist of a painting studio, a lecture and tutorial in visual and performing arts in Canada and an advanced sculptural papermaking studio class within the Fibres department.  I was very lucky to be offered the renewal of my scholarship for the 2013/14 school year. However in order to accept, I must be enrolled in more courses succeeding "full time status". As a student trying to fulfill my creative goals and working every half day at Sekure Cost Review as a merchant broker I felt pressured at the thought of adding more to my plate. I knew adding another Studio course to my plate would overwhelm me completely and another lecture and tutorial- god I cannot even think of more papers to write. As an undergraduate in the fine arts program though I knew I had options to take electives within other disciplines. The thought of dance came to mind. For the past 6 months I have had this ever growing curiosity to explore my physical boundaries with artistic expression. The thought of approaching movement with ones body to create art. That image is so romanticized for me and secretly I would love nothing more than to move on a stage with one collective purpose.

I need to D A N C E.

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