Friday, February 17, 2012

The sweetness of morning

I have not written in such a long time.... I have that fluttery feeling in my tummy this morning. A feeling of excitement- not the fact i have been feverishly ill for the past week! ...It's from the fact that I cannot wait to explore the boundless beautiful coast and desserts of California with my dear friend Erika Flynn this coming May. Lightning in a Bottle- A sustainable arts & music festival located an hour outside of Los Angeles is going to be so wonderful, a beautiful 4 day long weekend of music, connections, dancing, art, hooping and yoga mmmmmm right at the end of our trip, how lovely.. It sounds so divine.... I have been awake most of the night not being able to sleep, feverishly searching the internet for WWOOFING possibilities (world-wide opportunities on organic farms) I so long to spend time working on an organic farm learning all I can about growing my own food, planting medicinal herbs and sustainable water irrigation... And of course spending sometime on either a beautiful farm on the coast or deep in the dessert with hidden magical waterfalls, I mean that landscape! CMON! Breathe in, breathe out my body tells me, I feel such replenishment coming my way.. and boy do I need it.