Friday, April 27, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

These Days Seem Long...

As I watch Spring unfold around me I cannot help but to feel a sense of longing for what I want in my life.. Something new and green and beautiful... a fresh start. 

On the outside all of this seems to have been answered.. A new life to start this fall in Montreal, an amazing trip across the south west U.S with my beautiful soul sister next month. Yet the emptiness I still feel deep within just keeps penetrating my spirit like an untreated wound.. The love isn't there.. and until that potent healing remedy finds its way back into my veins I am lost in amongst a valley of wonder- that I can not see, embrace or fully experience... 

Today I have realized that you cant count on the love from anyone but yourself... because if you wait for someone else to come back to you with open arms you will be waiting a millennium of time in this deep and dark star filled universe.. Love sick today; like a nest empty of its beautiful speckled eggs. 
Fragile and brittle from the winter wind- alone, broken and used.

The song playing in my head over and over is Lonelily by the unmistakable Damien Rice