Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cherry Tea & Positive Manifesto! when the going gets tough #

Has big pink butterflies fluttering in the pit of her stomach for this intern interview coming up downtown toronto! I must remember my Zen, my Tao, my centre, and that everything in this marvellous world unravels as it is meant to.. rain or shine, no tears! & no fears! 
Spring is in the works and lovely walks at sunset, hot tea, and sock knitting have become the relaxing habitual ritual to keep myself sane during such a busy time of year.. The birth of Spring is exciting, so lets celebrate!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost finished a new painting!! winding down for the night all ...starry eyed...

...reading the Parsons PARIS 

catalogue that just came in the snailmail 
with a soy chai tea latte in ma' new pottery mug! 

..daydreaming of vintage rugs & tapestries in an Old montreal loft 
apartment.... +lazy cat on the windowsill and a sunlit studio awaiting 

me to C R E A T E ! 

and mmm mmm with all 

this +love&goodness this new plagued headcold will be gone soon