Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sitting Beautiful On The Wind

I painted this piece on the beach last summer in Kelowna B.C
I remember the sun on my face and the tender breeze playing with my hair.... The sky was clear and the mountains across the lake a hazy blue, sleeping...

...Getting ready for this upcoming Fairy Lake Show has been a test of patience and trust within myself and those around me- that everything will work out gracefully and as it should... The past few weeks have been trying for me, so many emotions coming up from so many areas of my life... I suppose the beauty in that is the inspiration I can channel into my painting... Right now I visualize this antique wardrobe in my mind filled with with all the days of my life over the past week, painting ideas, futures, plans, desires, hopes, dreams and burdens laid wrapped up tight in delicate cloth in the tiny drawers and cubbies of the wardrobe and my mind... I think the stone wrapping, candle burning, rain and lemongrass tea right now will help ease this love sickness in my heart... For the future is bright and beautiful and I cannot wait to embark on this new journey laid out before me... :)

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